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I felt like i want to see Charles in those glasses XD


Reading direction from right to left!!

This is the leftover specials from the my first fanbook Groovy Mutation! I would like to go back to dog-ear!Erik some day!


Drew some switched Disney pairings for fun ^o^ !

And Also the Ariel Twins lol.

hope u guys like !

♣ Footsprints of happiness


Hiya everyone! 
Today we have a wonderful release! If you have saw Haruma’s san works, surely you’re in love with her SaruMi’s little family doujins “Shiawase no ashioto” or “Footsprints of happiness” , well this time this precious persons, Kanami san and Dropletons gave me a hand and translated this beautiful doujin (and cleaned it and made the typesetting and besides that made the proofreader too in fact) ; v; Thanks a lot! 

This time since it’s such an adorable SaruMi doujin and want everyone enjoy it, it’s pass free, but instead it’s actually a PDF archive. If you have any problem with that format let me know by inbox and will give you the link to the jpg archives if you promise not to share out of our websites.


Fandom: 「K」 Project
Title: Footsprints of happiness / Huellas de la felicidad
Circle/Artist: OneRoom / Haruma
Pairing: SaruMi
Rating: PG-13
Pages: 40
Scanner: Audrey / Lovesick-udunno@Lj

Translator/Cleaner/Typesetter: Kanami Yuuta / Kanami-Yuuta@tumblr
Proofreader: Dropletons / Dropletons@tumblr
Traducción al Español: Audrey / Lovesick-udunno@Lj
Download: English / Español

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by ぬ吉, based on doubutsu


by ぬ吉, based on doubutsu


まゆくろ兄弟パロ by 朱子きよ

All the names the parents came up with are girly, by the way; Mayuzumi’s name, Chihiro, included.


by Michael Rogers (BigBadRobot)